Novus Innovation Corridor Brings Unique, Innovative & Sustainable Vision to Campus

Bringing the Vision to Life


Novus is one of seven innovation zones at ASU. The purpose of the zone is to create a place where the private sector can interact with ASU’s knowledge assets, and create opportunities for students and faculty to collaborate with the private sector.

Once completed, Novus will encompass over 10 million square feet with office space, hotel rooms, residential living, and retail, restaurants and entertainment. 

“We are really building a city,” Donnelly said. “I always think of Novus as a city within a city because of its location in Tempe.”

An economic impact report by ASU’s Seidman Research Institute projects that by 2035, Novus will add 34,000 jobs through office, hotel, multifamily and retail operations, McKenna said in an email. 

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