Arizona State University Innovation Zones

What is an Innovation Zone?

Innovation Zones are part of Arizona State University’s fabric. The zones bring together ASU innovation and talent with global businesses — from startups to Fortune 500 companies. With access to ASU student talent, faculty, and research and development opportunities, companies located at Innovation Zones have unparalleled opportunities for developing solutions to real-world challenges with an institutional commitment to collaboration, growth and impact on a global scale.

Where does Novus come in?

Novus Innovation Corridor is ASU’s seventh Innovation Zone that joins:

Like other Innovation Zones, Novus is a model for sustainable urban development that will provide unique opportunities and partnerships with a commitment to collaboration.

Where should you locate?

Each zone is designed to meet the specific needs of the companies it houses. ASU’s resources and facilities, and opportunities for developing public-private partnerships, are just a few Innovation Zone benefits.

Use the Zone Selector tool to find the best zone for you and your company.


July 2021